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This is a great cake recipe and that's coming from a pie-person. This takes it out of the Cooking Light category, but I added 1 cup of mayonnaise instead of the milk. You can add a little milk to thin if you need to. I also used whole eggs like some of the other cooks, and made my drizzle with 1/2 powdered sugar and 1/2 brown sugar warmed in a saucepan with more pecans and coconut on top. Really decadent and really good. We'll get off the carbs and sugar next week.

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Maggie Mac July 21, 2010

This is a beautiful cake. The only thing I did differently was used 2 whole eggs instead of just egg whites. I liked that there was a generous amount of streusel. The streusel disappears into the cake as it bakes and provides essential moisture and sweetness. Without it, and without the glaze, I think the cake would be a tiny bit dry and not-quite-sweet-enough. Anyway, my family is raving and saying, "Give it 5 stars!" It is fresh out of the oven now, and it may become a little moister as it sits. Like kburie suggested, I topped the glaze with some pecans and coconut; that was a great idea! I'm sure we'll be enjoying this cake on our cold and rainy weekend. Thanks for posting this!

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vrvrvr October 26, 2007

This was excellent!!! I was looking for something that would be more than your typical 2 layer cake with icing, but still would be familiar enough that people would still find it appeasing. This recipe hit the spot (in multiple ways) without being overly complex or time consuming.<br/><br/>There are two tidbits of info I'd share that I think are helpful. First, when making the streusel portion, it's much more effective to mix the butter and brown sugar portion with your hands. It de-clumps the brown sugar and is much easier to blend with the butter. Second, be sure there's a good bit of cake mix in the bottom of the bunt pan (will end up being the top of the cake) before adding the streusel. If there isn't enough batter, it will make it more likely that portion of the top of the cake will get separated from the streusel part when you go to pull the cake out of the pan.

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Chef amfox March 16, 2014

This is a great cake! I made it for my husband's birthday. It was a wonderful twist on a standard german chocolate cake.

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Diet Cherry Coke September 12, 2012

Made this for my husband's birthday. Excellent! I made some modifications: 2 whole eggs; only had half enough vanilla, so substituted 1 tsp coconut extract for the other tsp of vanilla. I also used 3/4 c. powdered sugar and 1/4 c. brown sugar for the glaze and upped the butter for the glaze to 2-1/3 tsp (that's what I had left from some other project). Ended up using some additional milk (actually used lite vanilla soy) in the glaze, as well. Will definitely make again.

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NewEnglandDeb June 17, 2012

Made this for my DB birthday dinner...He loves German Chocolate Cake but he is a Type II Diabetic...so I used splenda for baking instead of sugar...Turned out great...he just loved it....

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CIndytc April 19, 2010

This was the first cake I made with my new kitchenaid stand mixer and it turned out just devine. I also put nuts and coconut in the glaze a very nice cake everyone enjoyed it. thank you for posting, this will be a cake that will get made again for special occasions as my waist line might suffer otherwise, I did eat rather a lot of it myself.

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Tea Jenny December 11, 2009

Decadant cake! Made this for a co-worker's birthday and it was gobbled up in no time! Loved the fact that the frosting was in the middle. The only thing that I would do different would be to make the glaze a little bit thicker. Topped with shredded coconut and chopped pecans as suggested in the introduction. Thanks for posting this Vino Girl! Made for Zaar Cookbooks Tag.

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LARavenscroft November 05, 2009

I followed the other reviewers and added the 2 whole eggs, also added the pecans and coconut to the glazed topping. Needless to say this was awesome!! It is probably the best German Chocolate cake I have made for my husband and after 7 tries(each year for his birthday) I finally have a keeper that I will make every year. We served this with some vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee. Thanks so much for sharing.

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crtvecook October 11, 2009

This is wonderful! I wish I could give it more stars... Mine came out moist and beautiful... The streusel layer cooked in and while you can taste it, it mostly adds a depth to this cake. Like others, I didn't separate the eggs... just used 2 whole eggs. Can't rate the glaze, as my husband has one he likes to make, but this cake is so good, it doesn't need a glaze... Thanks so much for sharing! In his words, the husband "had a hankering" for German chocolate, and he says this is one of the best ones he has ever had.

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Queen Roachie May 24, 2009
German Chocolate Bundt Cake