German Butterballs

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german russian dumpling

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How exciting to know that my family was not the only ones who enjoyed Butterball Soup as a child. My German (from Russia) Grandmother ALSO made this special soup for the holidays...specifically Thanksgiving time. She would make the egg noodles by putting a mound of flour on a breadboard and putting her fist in to make a well for the eggs and milk. Then once she had them all rolled out...she would cut them ever so thinly with this huge knife. And she would dry them on tea towels all over the kitchen and dining room...and then bag them up and store them for later. The butterball (or as she said "booderglaze") was made from the dried bread (usually rolls). She dried them all over the house on racks and once she was satisfied they were dry...she would take a rolling pin to them (I know use my Cuisinart to pulverize's much easier). Everything was measured by hand (very much like Chef Mom 007). It wasn't until one of my aunts stood beside her and measured everything that we actually got measurements. My dad actualy taught me how to make them. There is a certain feel to the ball when you roll it. And you must know the secret....test a couple prior to rolling up the rest of the dough. Test by dropping the balls in a pot of boiling water. If the balls float...they should be good. If they break need to add another egg to the help bind the crumbs together. Oh...and if you test one by breaking it apart and its too "gummy" might want to add more bread crumbs.
I gotta tell you...I feel like I have found some "kin folk" here that I never expected. This year I will be making another HUGE BATCH of butterballs for my family. I have even adapted the recipe to make a vegan version for my daughter.
My best wishes to everyone...and have a wonderful holiday!!!

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  1. Mix all together, and roll into walnut size balls.
  2. Drop into a light boiling to a simmer chicken stock.
  3. Always try one first.
  4. If it breaks apart, add one more egg to bind.
  5. Different breads and dryness makes this not always perfection.

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