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HeatherFeather, this is a great soup base, could be used for any beef based soup. I used three lovely beef marrow bones, I had the butcher cut crosswise for me. I made it last night, strained it and put it in the frige overnight, it jelled beautifully, took the fat off the top and instead of noodles, I added some barley, more carrots, cabbage, some spinach and a can of red kidney beans. We really enjoyed the cloves taste! Wonderful whole dinner soup!!and lots left for a couple of lunches. (And Toby the dog is having a great time with the bones!!) Thanks for sharing a recipe we will use often.

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Derf October 02, 2002

We did not care for this too much, but I'm not sure it was the recipe's fault. I didn't like the taste of the meat off the bone at all and the whole dish seemed a little too greasy for me (which could again be because of the meat).

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piranhabriana December 16, 2008

This is great. I love it as I can add anything to it or follow the recipe as written. I will always keep this handy b/c for flavor with very tasty. I also suggested this to a newlywed who is trying to impress he new DH with easy recipes (her meals consisted of frozen entrees). I felt this was something that would be easy for her to begin with. So thank you from the both of us.....Stephanie P.S. I have suggested to her to get a membership to zaar. hmmmmm maybe it would be a great shower gift to them....hmmmmm.

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mommyoffour April 14, 2007
German Beef Soup (Rindfleischsuppe)