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We like this dish & the addition of pearl barley & bacon. I have to agree with other reviewers that you have to like the strong/unique flavour of caraway to fully appreciate this recipe. I cut mine back to 1 tsp of caraway & it wasn't overpowering for us but I'd get a pow of flavour on occasional bite. Next time I'll add the caraway seed 1/2 way through stove top simmering along with the cabbage (we like ours less crunchie) to see if the caraway flavour blends together more. We enjoyed this recipe, thanks for sharing.

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Mustang Sally 54269 May 09, 2009

I loved this recipe. I used only 1 tsp. of caraway seed because I consider them kind of strong. Boy was this good. Also I added the caraway seeds to the tomato juice when I cooked the barley for 30 minutes. This put flavor right into the sauce and barley. I kept the rest of the recipe the same but I extened the baking time to 1 hour. I like my cabbage a bit softer. 30 minutes wouldn't do for me. One other thing I had to do was add an additional cup of tomato juice after the barley cooked in the pan for 30 minutes. I have an electric stove and can't set the heat any lower than the knob will allow. So my sauce almost dissapeared. The additional 1 cup of tomato juce helped sustain the recipe for baking 1 hour. I will make this on a regular basis. Thanks!

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Lizgirl April 14, 2007

This was such comfort food for me! I used ground turkey and turkey bacon, so the flavor was different I'm sure. I only used 1/2 t caraway that I ground up a bit with my mortar and pestle. I used 2 cans of V8 and apple juice to make up the remaining 3 cups. I baked it for 45 minutes and didn't add any cheese, but I did serve it with sour cream. Thank you so much for this recipe!

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TattooedMamaof2 November 18, 2010

This was very nice. I had to use a 15 oz. can of tomato sauce, with added water, to get the 3 cups of juice I didn't have on hand. I also skipped the caraway seeds, because my family doesn't care for them and I added an extra cup of cheese.:)

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Lori Mama October 10, 2006

I also skipped the caraway seeds and added 1 tsp of dill. Another change was to use soy crumbles instead of ground beef and 2% cheddar instead of regular. Probably cut the fat in half by doing so. Flavor was very good and even my skeptical husband enjoyed the meal! Will make again for sure.

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Babushka October 16, 2005

Made this last night for dinner because had everything on hand. The only change I made was skipped the caraway seeds...don't like them. It turned out nice and flavorful and quite filling. A quick and simple one-dish meal for a weekday dinner! Thank you!

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Grace Lynn February 23, 2004

This dish won my husband over to barley! Fantastic. I used 1/2 tsp of caraway and 1/2 tsp dill and added it right before adding the tomato juice. Swapped ground chicken for the beef and used V8. Everything else followed exactly. I won't add the extra salt next time because it was plenty salty. Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe! I'll be making it often.

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lolablitz November 01, 2012

I only used 1 tsp of the Caraway seeds, we feel if it had no Caraway seeds it would have been much better lol

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Amazu May 06, 2014
German Beef and Barley Bake