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This is the best, prettiest and easiest apple cake i've made yet-- a lot easier than the finished product looks. I like it better than any other German Apple Cake by far. I employ quite a few time savers but still make a great (and much faster) cake, I use a circle apple slicer to core and slice the peeled apples, than I slice each of those slices once more (16 per apple). I do not notch, and do not arrange, just "dump" each layer. I crumble the bread by hand to save time and make use of old bread (Just do it finely). Also, I used a ready made graham cracker crust the first time, sprinkling a little granola and flax seed over it, and the second time I just laid broken gingerbread cookies down in the bottom of a plain 9x13 pan. ...So i can't rate the crust part of the recipe but the sour cream custard and apple part was fantastic, beautiful and easy. I doubled the recipe and baked it in a 9x13 pan, keeping the temp and time the same. I cut it into bars to serve, and it looks somewhat authentic that way as the Apple cakes you can find in German bakeries. Also, I arranged another cut apple on top of the custard before glazing as decoration (see photo). I brought it to our German church's Christmas eve reception and it was the first dessert to go, so I see that as the final vindication of a deceptively great recipe! THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING IT, CHARMED!

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Andolisa January 03, 2008

.Perfect apple cake and needs no changing. Thanks for adding to my file of desserts.

Just noticed that my rating did not show so here it is - sorry

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waynejohn1234 July 28, 2012
German Apple Cake