Georgia's City Chicken

READY IN: 5hrs 30mins
Recipe by Peachy326

There is no chicken in city chicken! It is a skewered meat dish that is simmered in chicken broth and eaten by hand, like chicken drumsticks. I got the beginnings of this recipe from my former mother in law. I tweaked it quite a bit so it's pretty different from her original. The original called for veal, pork, and beef. I don't eat veal, and it works fine without it. It can be a pain in the patoot to make, so when I do it, I make plenty (40 or more skewers). This recipe is scaled down to make 20 skewers, but you can upscale or down scale it easily. They freeze well. You'll need about 2 beef and 2 pork cubes for each skewer. In general, I use a large electric skillet for both the searing and the simmering, although I have used a standard fry pan to sear and packed the skewers vertically into a large crock pot for the simmer. Some places actually have meat already cut for City Chicken; if so, get that; it will cut your prep time terrifically!! . If not, a Boston Butt Roast for the pork will cut fine as will a good Beef Roast. I use the 6" City Chicken Skewers when I can get them as they aren't as long and skinny as the longer bamboo ones. However, if the skinny long ones are all you can get, just cut them in half and be careful not to stab yourself as skewer the meat. You can also use chicken boullion cubes in water to substitute for the chicken stock. Sorry this is not more precise as to amounts, but it's a very flexible recipe, meant to be tweaked to your family tastes!

Top Review by twissis

Made for Spring PAC 2013 & there is chicken in MY Georgia City Chicken! The price of beef here would make you faint, so I used pork & chicken. Both meats were well-flavored & tender. The gravy was simply beyond words -- maybe the best gravy I have ever made. I was out of egg noodles & used Ramen noodles rather than rice. For chefs who follow me (& I hope there are many), I have 2 hints: Dbl bag the breading mix & blunt the sharp edge of the wooden skewers so it does not puncture the bag. Thx for sharing this sure-to-be-repeated recipe w/us.

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  1. Mix flour, poultry seasonings, and onion powder in a heavy duty ziplock bag and set aside.
  2. On 6" wooden skewers, alternate 2 cubes each of pork and beef.
  3. Coat the skewered meat in the ziplock (a few at a time) .
  4. Sear the floured skewers on all four sides, but don't worry about cooking them through.
  5. As they are browned, place them aside until all of them are browned.
  6. Take all of the now browned skewers, put them back into the pan. You can layer them ontop of each other.
  7. Cover them with chicken broth, add the garlic, turn down the heat and allow them to simmer for several hours.
  8. Cook the egg noodles as directed on package. Drain and place them on a platter.
  9. When the City Chicken are "falling off the bone" tender, remove them from the pan and place them atop the noodles on the platter.
  10. Use the broth in the pan, along with the left over dredging flour mixture to make "Chicken" gravy.
  11. Pour the gravy over the City Chicken & egg noodles.
  12. Enjoy! Yummy!

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