Gentse Waterzooi

Total Time
1hr 10mins
30 mins
40 mins

A typical Belgian (Ghent) dish, used to feed the poor, but now even served in fancy restaurants.

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  1. Chop all the vegetables (except the potatoes) finely (brunoise) and cook for 5 minutes in the vegetable stock. Drain, but keep the stock.
  2. Poach the chicken filets in the same vegetable stock for about 20 minutes.
  3. Cook the potatoes.
  4. Keep vegetables and chicken warm, while making the sauce.
  5. Strain the vegetable stock.
  6. Make a roux (or beurre manié) from 100 gr butter and 100 gr of flour = Melt the butter and add the flour, add 1 l of the vegetable stock, let cook until slightly thickened.
  7. Finish off by adding the cream and the beaten egg yolks and add salt and pepper to taste.
  8. Use soup plates for serving. Starting with the vegetables, put the cut up chicken filet on top, add sauce and garnish with potatoes and parsley.