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I have a very similar recipe with excellent results. Use... 1 TBL brown sugar 1/2 TBL kosher salt 1/2 TBL pepper 1/2 TBL smoked paprika 1/2 TBL Dried Thyme Slowly add just enough olive oil to moisten mixture. Add mix to meat side of salmon fillet. Grill on skin side for 5 minutes. Grill on seasoned side for 4 minutes.

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Davidryanree July 14, 2009

This came out off really out of balance for me, it was way too much sugar for the amount of spices. I had to adjust the spices in a big way. Thanks to the first recipe comment which gave a more balanced ratio of spices

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TaterBug! :) December 10, 2009
Gene's Salmon Rub