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I am not much of a tofu lover so I decided to try this with A couple of modificatitions. I made the sauce and marinated the tofu in it before breading it with the egg and cornstarch.( for a couple of hours.) Then I baked the tofu in a 325 oven for approximatley 30 min. so that it was crispy and then I used the "marinade" plus made an extra batch of sauce and proceded with the rest of the recipie. I must say it was YUMMY YUMMY. I had it with stirfried broccoli, baby corn, snowpeas and rice. The tofu had better flavour by marinating first and you can eliminate a lot of the oil by baking it instead of frying.

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Tracy Pontarollo May 20, 2009

Flavorful sauce, and overall a good recipe. I highly recommend following some of the other reviewers' suggestions to marinate the tofu in the sauce before coating in the egg and cornstarch mixture and baking at 325F for about 30 minutes. If you like your General Tso's with a lot of sauce, I recommend doubling the sauce recipe, which will give you enough marinade for the tofu and plenty of sauce for the dish itself.

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vegboy8896 May 06, 2010

This was good. I think if I make it again I will follow in the footsteps of some of the other reviewers and marinate the tofu so it takes on more flavor and maybe try baking it instead. This had too much of a fried flavor, but that may just be me, we try to eat healthy and don't eat fried foods very often so I probably noticed this more than anyone else. I did double the sauce and may try to thicken it a little more next time. Served with steamed broccoli and brown rice.

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whtbxrmom August 22, 2011

Fantastic! I started by freezing the block of tofu overnight to make a more chicken-y texture. I followed the top review and baked the egg and cornstarch coated tofu pieces in the oven at 325 for 30 minutes. This made the texture come out wonderful! I used half the tofu called for (what I had on hand), and marinated the cubes for a couple hours in a ziploc bag with the sauce. After lightly squeezing the tofu as I removed it from the marinade, I had plenty of sauce left to pour in the pan later. I will definitely be making this again!

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oelkesm March 30, 2010

Awesome! I doubled the sauce recipe and used water and ketchup rather than broth.

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Yael Aldrich June 02, 2011

This is the best tofu I've ever eaten. Ever. I did, however, make a few modifications. I baked it after marinating, as per Tracy Pontarollo's suggestion (I didn't freeze it though, I'm fine with the texture), used cider vinegar and chicken stock, halved the soy and sugar, and used my own dried Bird's eye chiles. I also pretty much doubled the garlic and ginger. This wasn't too spicy and it was all delicious.

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sleepy seed May 06, 2010

5 stars is an insult. I LOVED this and even my tofu hating husband loved this. So happy I found it and took the chance in making it. I love the coating on the tofu. It fried up nicely with very little oil. I will try it for other dishes this way as well. I doubled the recipe and it worked well. I used rice wine vinegar and skipped the sherry. After I fried the tofu I added a touch more oil to the pan and sir fry broccoli and cauliflower (1 mixed bag), 2 sliced Japanese eggplants and 1 head of bok choy cut into pieces. When they were done I placed in a large bowel and proceeded with step 7. I mixed all the sauce ingredients together b4 I got this far so all I had to do was pour it in the pan. The cornstarch brought it to the perfect consistency and this was the perfect amount of sauce; not too much or too little. I poured the tofu over the veggies and served brown rice on the side. It was great and I’ll defiantly be making this again. The only complaint I got from DH was that there were no egg rolls LOL. Thank you for posting this great recipe.

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Ilysse July 17, 2009

What a delicious, flavorful vegetarian dish! I still can't believe how much flavor this dish gives: it made tofu and broccoli, like, AMAZING!! I made half a batch and accidentally doubled the garlic and onion, but loved it regardless. I put the tofu in the freezer for about 4 hours and it firmed up really well. Some of it actually completely froze (looked like yellow ice) so I ran it under some hot water to "turn it back into tofu" before dunking in the egg mixture, etc. I served it on brown rice with the steamed broccoli, and I think next time I'll mix the broccoli in with the sauce/tofu before serving, just to really coat it. I'll be making this regularly!

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kindcook August 20, 2013

if you make this, be prepared to eat an entire block of tofu by yourself. it's that addicting. no shame! :)

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vestalis March 22, 2012

Oh my gosh this was sooo good!!! It wasn't until this recipe that I knew tofu could taste so good. Since then I have tried tofu in other formats and it can be really good. This recipe will go in my family recipe book for sure. I didn't change a thing and it was perfect.

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mikedachef March 08, 2012
General Tso's Tofu