Gemarineerde Tong - Marinated Tongue

Total Time
Prep 4 hrs
Cook 4 hrs

Before you say "ick" to tongue, ask yourself if you like brisket or corned beef. If your answer is yes, then you'll love the very pleasant beefy flavor of tongue. The long, slow cooking needed for this meat would be perfectly suited to the crockpot. Allow 1/4 to 1/3 pound per person. From the Michigan Dutch chapter of the United States Regional Cookbook, Culinary Arts Institute of Chicago, 1947.


  1. Cook tongue in salted water until very tender, 3 to 4 hours or until easily pierced with a fork.
  2. Cool the tongue in the cooking liquid.
  3. When cool, drain; remove skin and roots, slice thinly.
  4. Mix vinegar, water and salt/pepper together.
  5. Place sliced tongue in liquid, adding more salt as needed.
  6. Let stand 3 to 4 hours in the brine.
  7. The meat may be eaten cold or heated and served with a nice gravy is made to go over it.