Gelato or Sorbetto With Fresh or Frozen Fruit Flavoring

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Recipe by eadthem

This is a gelato or sorbetto type ice cream that has a lower fat content than regular ice cream. It tends to melt in your mouth like snow. Best results are with a ice cream maker I'm sure but I do not own one. chocolate chip cookie dough, be sure not to add egg. You can substitute some of the sugar for the cookie dough recipe for honey to stabilize it and avoid eggs. Add after it is below 45F in the freezing phase. Cookies and Cream, break up cookies and add after it is below 45F in the freezing phase. Or You can add fresh or frozen fruit puree instead of vanilla. I'm not sure on how much, I want to say 1/3 to 2/3 cup. Extra powdered milk is used for the protein witch will reduce the crystal size. When I first created the recipe honey was all I had on hand and it worked rather well, corn syrup was listed on the others. I used the normal double strength Watkins vanilla because I trust that its bake proof and freeze proof. I heat the mixture to make adding the dry ingredients and honey easer and for no other reason. Change notes, mix honey and sugar and heat until warm (you should be able to barely put your hand on the bottom of the pan).

Ingredients Nutrition

  • Base

  • 4 cups skim milk
  • 13 cup sugar (you may need to go up to 1/2 cup)
  • 13 cup powdered milk
  • 13 cup honey (honey must be really fresh Ive not had any luck with cheep store brands, farmers market or local far)
  • Flavoring

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla (i used 2 teaspoons Watkins double strength and it was quite strong and quite good) or 1 -2 cup fresh fruit or 1 -2 cup frozen fruit


  1. pour honey then sugar in to pan.
  2. put the pan on low heat (you should be able to put your hand on the bottom of the pan if you lift it up) (Gas stoves may not have a low enuff setting).
  3. Once warm add powdered milk and the 4 cups of milk and stir untill everything is dissolved.
  4. Add in your flavoring and/or Fruit.
  5. At this point it shuld be just realy warm, if it is hot and you cannot hold your hand on the bottom of the pan, wait until it has cooled to room temperature.
  6. Pour in to ice cream maker or place in freezer.
  7. If your using a freezer once it starts to freeze on the sides of the pan stir with a eggbeater every 30 min about 4 times total.
  8. Once it has set up use a single eggbeater to grind it up after a couple of these sessions followed by refreezing it will be ice cream.
  9. Or if you use a ice cream maker it will be done when set up normally for that maker.

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