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This cake worked out fine, but I had to make quite a few adjustments. First, when I was part way through the recipe, I noticed milk mentioned in the steps but not the ingredients. I had to improvise so I added just enough milk to make what I thought looked like a good thickness of batter, about 2 tablespoons. Then I realised the amount of batter was not nearly enough to fill a 9-10 inch pan (maybe a result of not knowing how much milk to use), so I used an 8 inch pan. I only ended up using about half the pears, and that did two layers over the cake. Finally, the melted butter mixture proved to be way too much for the cake. I only got about half of it on, before it overflowed the pan. I poured a bit off and baked for another twenty minutes, which worked fine. As I said, the end result was actually a pleasing cake but I think that was more down to a bit of luck and baking experience (so I could improvise) than the directions here. This recipe really needs to be clarified.

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Sackville September 13, 2003

I loved this recipe. I am familiar with these cakes where the cake preparation is very liquid. Sometimes, they are called clafoutis, which are patisserie "excuse" to present cooked fruits of the season. We both, husband and I, loved the pear moist cake and do not worry, do it as it is written.

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Louise in Montreal October 02, 2008
Gateau fondant aux poires : (Moist Pear Cake)