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This is an awsome recipe. Two years ago I made the cake for my son's wedding. I made this recipe for the grooms cake. It is very good.
Before I made the cake for the wedding, I tried it out and took it to a singles picnic. I recieved three marriage proposals, one from a friend, the other two from men I had not met before that day. For you single ladies, german chocolate cake is a favorite with men.
I am making this cake tonight for a gentleman friend for his birthday, perhaps a real marriage proposal will be the result.?!?.

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deborahlea October 23, 2010

I made this cake yesterday for my husband and love it! It is so delicious! You have not really tasted Germain Chocolate Cake to you taste this one! Thought I would add a couple of notes

Cake: go for a 90% bitter chocolate if you want a really deep chocolate flavor

Icing: No frozen coconut available, so I went for fresh. One medium coconut yields plenty for one and one half batches of frosting When you dig the coconut out of the shell, try to keep it in big pieces. The meat will have a dark skin on it. Use a peeler to remove the skin and it will make quick work of it. I used my food processor to shred the meat and then pulverize it. Pulverizing fresh coconut is the way to go - its kind of tough and stringy in the shredded form. I don't know if this is true with frozen. Chew a few shreds and I think you will agree.

This morning we had a another piece of cake for breakfast, YUM. My husband commented that the frosting is so good that he wishes there was more. I think Garth's wife mentioned increasing the frosting too. I have to agree. I will make half again as much next time There was enough to frost my three layer cake, but I got nervous with the top layer that I wouldn't have enough. The frosting is not overly sweet, so more would not overpower the cake. I see there is a comment about plenty of frosting for a one layer cake. - I'm sure that is right too, but I wanted to go for the layers.

When making the cooked part of the frosting, it doesn't have to be stiff, I cooked it in a sauce pan just fine, just keep the heat low and keep stirring till its like thin pudding. Double boiler it and you will be standing there for a long time. This cake takes a few hours to make, so don't be in a rush. Have a great time with it! I have no doubt about the marriage proposals!

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Waterdragon November 20, 2011

Note: This review is for the frosting only. I cheated and used a boxed German chocolate cake mix. The frosting was so flavorful, it gave the whole cake a made-from-scratch taste. I followed the recipe to a T, except I added more like 8 oz of coconut as that seemed to be thick enough. I was pressed for time, and put the saucepan of frosting in snow to cool it rapidly, and it held together just fine when I did this. The recipe makes a lot of frosting, I only needed half of it for a 13 x 9 in. flat cake. You would probably use it all on a two-tiered round cake. Great coconut flavor and the classic texture and color you would expect.

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highplainsdrifter January 05, 2011

I made this cake for my FFA cake auction 2 years in a row and both of those years I won Grand. Really good cake. The icing is really GOOD!

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Kayla M. August 13, 2015

Incredible! My new German chocolate cake recipe.

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mjosephrussell August 31, 2014
Garth Brook's German Chocolate Cake With Coconut Frosting