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I really enjoyed this and made it almost exactly as listed. The only exceptions was that I used a box of low sodium chicken broth and did not use the lb of shrooms that the recipe translated to. As another poster said the amount of chicken stock listed was more than enough. I heated up a box of stock and then as I added stock to the risotto, decided to add about a half a cup of water to the stock, this turned out to be the perfect amount. Now to the shrooms, I converted all of the gram measures to lb/oz and they seemed to be perfect except for the shrooms. 500 grams converted to about 1 lb shrooms which were way too many. 1/2 lb would be about right even though even that looks like a lot on the cutting board, they cook down nicely.

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Gatour April 18, 2006

When I converted this to US measurements, it said I needed 5 1/3 cups--no way. I used 4 cups and the risotto was nice and creamy. I did not use the bouillon cubes but used a soup base instead. Added a little more paprika than the recipe called for and yes topped it off with the "good" parmesan cheese. DS paid this the highest compliment of all as he took leftovers home with him. :)

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PaulaG June 05, 2005

Very good. I had some problems with the measurement conversions and I also used Gruyere cheese in place of the Parmesan, but still a very delicious simple supper. Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ February 18, 2005
Garlicky Pork and Mushroom Risotto