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Surprising recipe! I have to admit that I decided to make this purely due to the oddity factor; garlic in cookies is not a recipe idea that you see every day, if ever! These turned out nicely, my only relatively small gripe is that the cookies flattened too much while baking after dropping the tablespoons of dough onto a cookie sheet. They were a little too thin, almost like wafers. I had to gingerly scrape the cookies off the sheets to ensure that the shape remained intact. As for the taste? The garlic does not overpower the cookies. In fact, the taste of the garlic is neutralized by the maple syrup and in the finished product, dominated by the white chocolate and the nuts. I could smell the garlic while baking the cookies, but I could only faintly taste the garlic in the finished cookies. Ultimately, though, I think this is a good thing...I don't think the sharpness of the garlic should be the dominant flavor in any cookie. Adding garlic to a cookie is an interesting concept, but after making these cookies, I am not convinced that the pairing of garlic and white chocolate is an outstanding match...I don't think I'm about to write this pairing off as the next fantastic and unexpected food combo, such as strawberries and balsamic vinegar or pears and blue cheese, etc. Nevertheless, these are good cookies and I suggest that you try them and decide for yourself. Kudos to Terri for posting this unusual recipe, I was definitely intrigued. I'm glad I tried this!

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Shannon Cooks June 03, 2007
Garlic White Chocolate Chip Cookies