Garlic Vinegar

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Recipe by Nyteglori

Herbal vinegars make good marinades. Also try this vinegar served with oil as a different flavored salad dressing. This also makes a pretty gift.

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Excellent way to flavor vinegars, they make great gifts for those gourmet's on your Christmas list. Try different herbs like mint, rosemary, oregano. Your imagination is the limit. WORD OF CAUTION: Because of the risk of botulism, you CANNOT do this with oils. Oils should always be infused with their flavor (garlic, rosemary, thyme, etc.) right before using. Placing them inside a capped bottle to infuse their flavor with the oil is inviting botulism to your pantry. I know you can find them in the stores that way, but they have special ingredients/methods to infuse the oil and keep the herbs intact in the bottle that you just cannot do at home. And even then, some of the ones you see at stores are for decorative purposes only. Read the label. I know this recipe was for vinegar, but oil was mentioned in the description, and bottling, for example, cloves of garlic and rosemary sprigs into a bottle of extra virgin olive oil may look pretty, but will end up making you VERY sick in the end. A perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Beware. Vinegar acts as a preservative against bacteria, oils do not.

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  1. Pour vinegar over the garlic. Cover tightly and steep 2-3 weeks.
  2. Strain into decorative bottle. Garlic cloves may be added for decorative purposes.
  3. A few drops is sufficient flavor for most uses.

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