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HUGE hit at my house! I had country style ribs so used those and fresh garlic, thought I had fresh ginger but didn't and it was still great! I did find it a bit salty when I tested so I added a bit of water and simmered and it came out perfectly then made gravy with some cornstarch. I cooked the ribs whole and cut them into pieces after they simmered. My husband loved this recipe and I did too! served over white rice with a side of roasted asparagus.

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~Robyn~ February 24, 2009

This is EXACTLY the flavor of the "Chinese pork roast" at our favorite Chinese buffet in our previous home. Once I tasted it to check on how much garlic was wanted and realized what it tasted like, I added 2 sweet onions, sliced to make the copy complete. I used minced fresh ginger instead of ground because I like the flavor better and used 2 tbs of garlic powder. Next time I will use the jarred, minced garlic for the brighter flavor and will cut down on the soy sauce to 3/4 cup because this was a bit salty (so is the restaurant version). Delicious!

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3KillerBs April 30, 2007
Garlic Spareribs (1950)