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Really good! The pureed soup is satiny smooth and has a nice thick consistency and an appetizing light orange color. The flavor is very garlicky with a nice carrot undertone. It was very tasty as is so I did not need to add any salt at all, just a little pepper. I stirred in a pat of real butter at the end just to add some richness and it was a nice addition. I used a regular potato and didn't add any cream, it really didn't need it to be a warm filling healthy soup! It took 2 heads of garlic to make 1 cup of peeled garlic cloves, 3 medium carrots to make a cup of chopped carrots and 1 large potato to make 1 cup of chopped potato. My only other comment is about the serving size. The recipe says it make 4 servings - and that's true if you're talking about having a cup of soup, but, it only makes 2 soupbowl servings. Try this, my friends, you'll like it!

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SaraFish February 07, 2003

I loved this soup! I made mine with the cream - but I might try it next time without. It really satisfied my garlic craving. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Elizabeth Fullerton February 03, 2003

There are no Vampires in my house but there is a wonderful aroma of garlic and some heavenly soup! This soup is perfect - I followed the recipe exactly except for doubling it - am I ever glad I did. The one extra thing that I did I melted some Jaarsborg cheese on 1/2" slices of Baguette and floated them just be fore serving. See picture - I left one with out cheese and one with. In Portugal they nearly always have cheese in their garlic soup. I loved the cheese in the soup but it would be delicious with out it too. I did not use any cream. Do not skimp on the garlic - this soup is mellow. This recipe is going into my Extra favorite recipes. Thanks Geema for a great recipe Made again 26 Feb 2010 This time I didn't puree it - Very delish either way,

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Bergy February 26, 2010

this soup was not that good in my family's opinion. it was too strong on garlic flavor - the kids were complaining the entire meal. i would not make again.

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madk1976 December 13, 2008

I had to use up quite a bit of garlic before it went bad so I went searching on Zaar and found this great soup. Talk about rich tasting soup! You'd think there was a ton of cream but I didn't use any at all. I followed Sarafish's proportions of garlic, carrot and tater. I also added a little onion. This was wonderful! Thank you.

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nemokitty November 17, 2008

Need to double or triple, next time I will used already chopped garlic. Need a Sue-Chef for all the chopping. Great Autumn soup.

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redhairing October 25, 2007

Made this soup for the ZWT3 Freezer Pleaser Challenge for Portugal & Spain. First, had to hold back from eating all of the soup before we froze it. Left in freezer for 3 days and took out early morning. Microwaved it at lunchtime and had a really great lunch. Only problem, this original recipe doesn't make enough!! Will double the recipe the next time and there will be a next time!!

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Maryland Jim May 31, 2007

A nice and easy soup. The garlic flavour is very mild. Before adding the cream i tasted it, it tasted much better with out the cream, once i added the cream it tasted like blue cheese was added to the recipe, don'nt know the reason being was my cream was 1 day to expiery...

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lemoncurd March 26, 2005

I cut everything back by about a 1/3 and used my small crockpot for the cooking. I also am constitutionally unable to peel potatoes or carrots, lol! Who cares if there are a few peel bits floating in the soup? Sooooo, with these changes made, and using my hand blender to puree right in the crock pot, this was one of the easiest soups ever. This was excellent, though next time I might add a bit of onion to deepen or "finish" the garlic flavor since I use almost no salt. Thanks for this wonderful recipe!

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OhMyStars! October 24, 2004

I was so excited to make this soup, but I was fairly disappointed with the result. I added sour cream, but it still "needed something."

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Carianne April 05, 2003
Garlic Soup