Garlic Snow Peas

Total Time
5 mins
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I love the ones at P F this is my version

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  1. Heat wok on medium-hi heat .
  2. Add oil get it hot, dump in peas.
  3. About 1 minute after stir frying add garlic and seasoning.
  4. Quick fry just till bright green and still crisp.
  5. Cooking time is an estimate -- do not over cook or they will turn a dull green and go limp.
  6. Remove and serve while still hot.
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The flavor combination of this recipe is good, but it not only uses too much oil: Toasted dark sesame oil should NEVER be used in stir-frying because at high temperatures it breaks down and oxidates, creating dangerous free radicals. The healthiest way to prepare this recipe is to steam the snow peas (or just put them in a colander and pour boiling water over them), and season with sesame oil and garlic to taste. If you don't like fresh garlic, or don't want to steam, stir-fry in canola or even better- coconut oil (the former has a higher smoke point, the latter never breaks down), and add a few drops of sesame oil at the end for flavor.

If this is Garlic Snow Peas, why are Sugar Snap Peas shown in the photograph - which one is to be used for this recipe?

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This is just like the peas i had in a resturant in China. These are so good.