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This is an awesome tasting salad!!! It definetly has a strong garlic taste but I love garlic and if you do you must try this salad. It goes great with grilled steaks or any barbecue. The recipe is from Doc's Steakhouse in Wichita, KS. I got the recipe out of the Monkey Island (Okla) Volunteer Fire Department Cookbook. This recipe was submitted by Claudine Nugen.

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  1. Chop cabbage, lettuce and carrots (if including) to a very fine consistency; add garlics and mayonnaise and mix thoroughly.
  2. Chill thoroughly several hours or overnight.


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This is not docs recipe , I know, because I made this salad many years ago when I worked there y ingredients, lettuce, carrots, celery.' 3 ingredients, mayo, granulated garlic powder, garlic salt.mix wet mixture with lettuce as ordered so as not to become soggy

Rondajl July 23, 2012

Not to spoil this salad review but this recipe is not the one used by the infamous Doc's Steak House in Wichita, Kansas. The garlic salad was created by "Doc" Hustead, the owner of Doc's Steak House from 1951-1963. In 1963 he sold the business to my parents Mike and Mary Belluomo, and my aunt and uncle Louis and Lucy Scott. I made tons of this stuff in the years I worked there from 1967-1986. While this one is a "creative version" of the Doc's recipe, it does not contain the proper ingredients or instructions for serving. The appearance bears NO resemblence to the real recipe that Doc's still serves today. While this recipe certainly looks delicious, it is a gross injustice to identify it as related to the "Doc's original version.

As my dad used to say...if you give me a million dollars for the restaurant, I'll throw the recipe in for free!

Spiritusantu November 16, 2011

This is a terrific coleslaw . The ONLY adjustment I changed was adding 11/2 Tablespoons of Garlic juice (we love garlic) This is like the orginal coleslaw from Doc's Steakhouse in Wichita. Regular lettuce is fine but so is Romaine. And yes it does have CABBAGE in it (Emmylou said there is no cabbage only lettuce is wrong.)We have been eating at Doc's Steakhouse for as long as it has been open. Perhaps when you went they were low on cabbage lol). I do suggest for those having wet lettuce or cabbage, just get a couple of paper towels and pat dry then add your ingredients. This is soooooooo delicious. Thank you for submitting the recipe

cafetyme February 06, 2010

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