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Delicious! I had a 4# bird and used Kittencal's method for "blasting" (20 minutes at 450, 40 minutes at 400), with wonderful results. I appreciated that I didn't have to put pats of butter under the skin and could just brush it on top. We LOVED the garlicyness of this and I will definitely use again. Thanks!

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lolablitz October 04, 2010

This may have been seen on American Food Network TV, but this is a classic way of cooking roast chicken in France and quite DIVINE! I made this today for Sunday lunch, and it ticked all the boxes thanks KissKiss! I DID tinker a wee bit! I added a sprig of fresh rosemary in the cavity and used single cloves of garlic, as I did not have a whole head left! I also only added potatoes to the roasting tray, as I had planned to make spiced pumpkin mash already..............BUT it was still delicious, a classic recipe that is worth TEN stars darlink! Made for Hail the Chefs in the Photos forum, and just because I wanted to make and photograph one of your recipes! Merci darlink, FT:-) PS. I used the pan juices to make a wine gravy, added them to some wine and a spoon of cornflour to thicken.................just divine and totally awsome! All garlicky and lemony and with a hint of rosemary!

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French Tart January 10, 2010

I saw the episode and have been making my chickens this way ever since. Fantastic recipe! Ina rarely dissapoints...

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Karen's Krazy Kitchen December 07, 2009

I watched Ina make this on TV and thought it looked easy enough, for never having roasted a whole chicken before. The one thing I noticed different between the TV and online versions was that she put the chicken on top of the veg on TV; along those lines I used the onion as a kind-of rack for the chicken and put the rest of the veg around the edges. I only had room for one garlic head in the cavity with the lemon. I also used just two carrots, and 1 1/2 lbs. (about 14-15) petite potatoes (a mix of purple, red & yellow). I cut the butter to 3 Tbsp, which seemed plenty to me, and did not do any basting - there actually weren't enough juices to baste. My 5 1/2 lb chicken took 1 hr 25 minutes. The skin came out sooo crispy and beautifully brown, and the meat was juicy and delicious. Thanks!

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flower7 January 29, 2012

This chicken is amazing and so easy. The next time I will cut back on the butter and use a little bit of olive oil with it.

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1019871 January 28, 2012
Garlic Roast Chicken (Barefoot Contessa)