Garlic Ranch Dressing

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Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

This is a great dressing to use for, just not salads, but for sandwiches and as a dip with crudites. From Sam Choy.

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  1. combine all ingredients and whisk until thoroughly blended and then CHILL.
  2. Serve on green salads, Enjoy.
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This salad dressing was good. I thought the flavor was nice but the dressing was excessively sweet for my taste. Next time I'll try cutting back on the sugar. Thanks for posting.

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This salad dressing was delicious. I cut the recipe in half ,omitted the sugar & added a tiny squirt of lemon juice. The flavors were a perfect blend.....We enjoyed it very much. Thanks Hey Jude

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Excellent dressing recipe, Jude! I made it per your instructions, and voila!! Has just right creaminess and just the right tang! Thanks for sharing...We'll be doing this one again! Laudee