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My DH looked so puzzled and screwed up his nose, when he was told the prawns were to be cooked in the microwave.
His comment after eating this was "Well the hardest part was shelling the Prawns!!!"
He and DD loved this, DD wanted more sauce, but that was my fault because I tipped some off as DD dislikes Sherry so much, I was thinking it would taste too much of Sherry and she would not notice if I gave less sauce.
WELL..........I was abruptly told by her to "Leave it alone next time!" Sheesh she loved the sauce.........Go figure!!!!
I also used a combination of oil and butter, and next time (Yes, there wil be a next time) I will cook for less time, (my fault again, I did not take note of Pat's A PLEASE NOTE, IN THE Introduction.
So quick and so easy, and this was thoroughly enjoyed by DD and DH, they both loved it, and DH is still suprised it was done in the microwave!
Thanks Pat, wonderful recipe!

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Tisme April 30, 2011

Divine sauce-the sherry is wonderful in this! This is so easy that DH made. Took the advice of another reviewer and used butter/ olive oil combination. The only thing we would do differently is the timing which turned out to be too long b/c one pound of not peeled shrimp is not the same as 500 grams of peeled shrimp and microwaves vary so the next time will try 4 minutes instead of 5. Thank you Pat for another wonderful recipe.

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WiGal September 09, 2010

Wow! If you want something delicious, easy & quick, this is the recipe for you. I cooked exactly as the recipe stated but halved the prawns...took another reviewer's advice & used the olive oil & but ter. Made some garlic bread to mop up the sauce.. I haven't heard husband rave about his dinner in quite a while...

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Elkaybee February 21, 2010

The combination of ease and taste easily makes this five stars. A squeeze of lemon enhances the dish further.

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BarbryT December 20, 2009

So very easy, Pat! Made as directed, lacking sherry (must get to the shops), I used dry white wine, but no changes otherwise. I've actually made them a couple of times now, taken me a while to review! Posting a picture where I've made them to your recipe and then popped them in with a vegetable stirfry, so that the non-prawn eaters didn't have to worry! thanks for a super-easy recipe!

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Karen Elizabeth April 03, 2009

Hello Recipe Swap #15 buddy! This was absolutely fabulous! I made this dish for a light lunch, served over angel hair pasta with crusty bread to mop up the delicious sauce. I made a few modifications: I used olive oil instead of peanut oil and dry white wine instead of dry sherry (as my pantry was lacking those two ingredients). I also used peeled and cooked shrimp instead of raw and adjusted the cooking time to 3 minutes total, stirring every 30 seconds. My hubby was licking his chops while this was cooking, practically wringing his hands until he could get a taste. We both mopped the plate clean, savoring every bit of the sauce. We both thought this dish is something you might find at a fancy restaurant. And to think it was microwave-cooked! Who could tell? Thank you for this delicious recipe! Definitely a keeper!

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MarthaStewartWanabe April 13, 2008

A delicious and easy way of cooking prawns! We enjoyed these today for our starter before lunch. I made them exactly as stated and they cooked fine for the 5 minutes indicated, but I think you MUST dice the spring onions and garlic very finely for that to work. We thought that the peanut oil was a bit overpowering for the prawns, so will probably use light olive oil or a knob of butter next time. The sherry is an essential ingredient - don't omit it, it made these just an extra bit special! Made for Adopt a Tag recipe - thanks Chef Potts for an easy and tasty recipe! FT:-)

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French Tart September 29, 2007

Made for Zaar Chef Alphabet Soup tag game Jan-June 2013 and this was a hit! I did mince the onion and garlic per another reviewers suggestion but otherwise followed the instructions. This is so fast, easy and delicious. Definately a keeper. Thank you.

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mama smurf June 30, 2013
Garlic Prawns in the Microwave