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Sharlene, we really liked this recipe. It was easy to prepare, and looked really nice . I chose this recipe because you could really utilize the oven by cooking with the meat dish. It is very tasty and my family liked it a lot. I copied it for my 2 SIL's to take home with them. Thanks for posting this recipe, because it is not in my t&t book.

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Miss Annie June 20, 2002

Simple to put together and tastes wonderful, DH said fantastic potatoes. I used half and half instead of whipping cream and could only fit 5 sliced potatoes in my pan. Used kosher salt and I think that was a bit to heavy for these potatoes. Next time I will use regular table salt or none at all. The only problem I had was the half and half bubbled over in my oven while baking. I will put this dish on a cookie tray or use a baking dish with higher sides next time. Thank you Sharlene for posting this recipe!

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lauralie41 November 21, 2006
Garlic Potatoes Gratin