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We are not tomato fans either. So I used canned diced tomatoes infused with garlic, oregano and basil. And a half pork-half chicken broth. I also mixed in a can of cream of mushroom soup at the end and mixed the sauce with eggnoodles. Served the pork over the pasta and YUM!

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natastoppin September 20, 2013

I made this from the catalog. The only change was that the original calls for 1-2 tsp granulated garlic, divided. Plus Penzey's wants you to blanch and skin the tomatoes. Forget that! I made this for Easter and everyone loved it! The veggies came out too cooked, but I think it would be just as good w/out them. Thanks for posting, so I don't have to! UPDATE: This made it into my Top Fav's of 2009 cookbook. Original Review 4-13-09.

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WI Cheesehead January 04, 2010

Excellent!! This is a fabulous pork recipe I loved everything about this one from the seasoning on the outside to the delicious sauce that it makes. I made as is except I used sun-dried tomatoes instead of fresh as we are not tomato fans. I also thickened at the end with cornstarch as we prefer our sauces thicker and found the cream alone was not enough. Cooking the pork in the stock made it come out so moist and tender and full of flavour. It also (the pork) imparted so much flavour into the stock it really turned out to be a beautiful sauce. A huge thumbs up from all JB and this went straight into my favourites.

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The Flying Chef February 25, 2009
Garlic Pork Tenderloin