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I was interested in trying this recipe because I'd never had fried eggplant before and it was enjoyed by all. We especially liked the crispy-cheesy crust with the softened eggplant inside. I changed two things about the preparation: I sauteed the garlic first and then set it aside. I was afraid that if I left it in the pan for the time it would take to fry all the batches, the garlic would become too brown and bitter-tasting. As each batch was done, I spinkled a little of the sauteed garlic over each piece. I also wiped out the pan between batches since little bits of the batter got in with the oil. I've found before that when a little batter gets mixed in with oil, the oil will darken and give an unpleasant color to whatever is being fried. That said, this was a wonderfully delicious side dish that DH has requested I make again. Thanks for posting!

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TasteTester September 08, 2009
Garlic Parmesan Eggplant Slices