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These are fantastic shrimp. Used white wine instead of sherry, since I had an open bottle, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Served with gluten free pasta for a great dinner. I will make these again. Made for ZWT5 Groovy GastroGnomes.

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Az B June 01, 2009

DH made this and said it was so easy, but I ate it and it IS delightful! I did add a slight bit more oil and seasonings, but that is just because I like the flavors a lot ( personal preference). Nice recipe...than you for posting!! **Made for ZWT5**

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Mommy Diva June 01, 2009

Sage, this was an awesome recipe! Quick & super easy. Made just as posted & this was the favored dish of the night. I almost doubled the sauce ingredients after reading another review but am glad I didn't. Maybe unpeeled shrimp soak up a lot more oil & need some extra liquid but I don't do eyeballs & wiggly things, so luckily the amount of sauce was just right for the peeled shrimp called for. Thanks for a great recipe, Sage! Made & enjoyed for ZWT 5 - Ali Baba's Babes.

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**Tinkerbell** May 27, 2009

Gee, this was difficult! At first I decided on no stars because of my slight tweaks, then thought, maybe not, unfair! I just think Sage should test this recipe herself, and maybe then edit it a little. We are extremely fond of prawns (shrimps) and garlic is a given! (As I'm writing this I'm tasting GARLIC in my mouth, Sage!!) With my expensive, deepsea Mozambican prawns I was looking for some flavour which was different from what I normally do. This sounded great. Okay, In South Africa, and Mozambique (THE prawn destination!!), we generally do not peel shrimps! So on the photos you'll see it's unpeeled shrimps: let's say "in the rough"! It's part of the pleasure of eating great shrimps! The 1 Tbs olive oil is plain silly, as in no way, (peeled or unpeeled) can you fry 1 1/2 lbs of prawns in that. I used butter and olive oil, and had to replenish the olive oil, as I fried it in 2 batches. I used 1/2 cup (double the amount given) of high quality dry sherry, and also much more parsley. When I tasted the sauce in the pan, the sherry had a sharp, almost slightly bitter taste, so I added a large blob of creme fraiche. That softened the taste, but don't count on much sauce. As luck would have it, we could not eat it immediately (I wanted to photograph it while there was still some daylight left, so it was cooked too early to eat!) It therefore "languished" in the warming oven for quite a long while, under foil. But no matter .... when we ate, it was fine, maybe even better than when eaten immediately!! Maybe I'll still in future choose whisky or brandy next time, and not sherry! We had salad, roasted butternut and bread as sides.

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Zurie February 15, 2009
Garlic - Lover's Shrimps