Garlic Lemon Pepper Injectable Marinade

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

My father loves injectable marinades but they are expensive and hard to find so I went on a search to see what recipes I could find for him.

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  1. Note you must use very finely ground pepper in this or it will clog the injector.
  2. Mix all ingredietnts and stir until salt is completely dissolved. Use with marinade injector.


Most Helpful

I'm not rating because I didn't follow the recipe exactly. I left out the maple syrup completely due to diabetes. I used it on a whole chicken made in the Nuwave oven, and it was very good. Thanks, Nyteglori, for providing the base that I can spice to our tastes.

Gadget_Queen January 24, 2011

This was a really nice recipe but it only gets 4* cos my other half didn't like it so much. It was a little sweet for my tastes too, but nothing that couldn't be adjusted. I made as directed (without the tabasco sauce) and ended up using coarse ground black pepper because I don't have an injector of my own and it turned out my Mum got rid of hers god knows how long ago without my realising. So perhaps my review is a little unfair because I used it as a regular marinade rather than an injectible one, which is what it is really meant for. Sorry! Anyway, I chose to marinade chicken in this for about 5hrs and it made the meat really juicy and tender. I will probably try 1/2 cup syrup if we have this again, but that's just my personal taste. Thanks for scrummy recipe Nyteglori!

Wendy-Bob February 08, 2008

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