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These are really good. I'm only taking off one star because the recipe is not well written and you kind of need to improvise. It doesn't give the amount of pizza dough to start with. It tells you to melt the butter and mix together the other ingredients (one of which is the parmesan), then later tells you to sprinkle with parmesan, so I assume you leave the parmesan out of step 4. It mentions tossing them in the butter mixture and letting them "soak," but you cannot "soak" this many knots in that amount of butter. It also says to toss in butter again after sprinkling with cheese - which would just remove the cheese. So...if you just take this as a list of ingredtients, and then do what seems logical, you'll end up with some yummy garlic knots. Just don't try to follow the recipe. :)

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lisa97225 February 06, 2011

Loved these. Great as a side with a pasta dinner and even better as an appetizer with a cold glass of beer. Thanks for posting,Sarah.

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MTDavids September 26, 2010

Really delicious! Used half a batch of Berks County Bread Machine Pizza Crust (froze the other half). Let the bread machine do the work on the dough. Prep for the rolls was quick and easy and knot shapes make the rolls look a lot more difficult than they are. Used 1 T fresh garlic cause I only just realized the recipe probably refers to the dried. You could sure taste the garlic :) but everyone loved them. Reduced butter to 1/4 cup and thought it was plenty. At 8 minutes baking time, these were perfect. Thanks for sharing your recipe! Made for PAC Fall 2007.

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LonghornMama September 16, 2007

I made this recipe to go along with our dinner last night and we enjoyed them. I had some butter mixture left over so I might cut down on that some next time. I also used a can of Pillsbury breadsticks (it's basically the same as pizza dough) and they are already cut into strips ~ very easy to use. These are very garlicky and good. Thanks for posting!

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Lvs2Cook August 20, 2007

Super easy and superbly garlicky! "Absolute Garlic Lovers Dream." I went a bit crazy with the minced garlic, using 5 or 6 large cloves. I brushed my extra garlicky butter mix (1/2 C Melted Butter, 5-6 large cloves of garlic minced, 1 t basil, 1 t garlic salt, 1 t garlic powder &1 t Italian Seasoning) the top of each knot and popped them in the 400 degree preheated oven for 12 minutes. To the leftover butter mix I added 1 (heaping) Tbs of granulated sugar to take the bite of the garlic down a few notches. Once I removed the garlic knots from the oven I immediately transferred them to a large bowl with lid, poured the remaining butter sauce over them and shook it up a few times. Next I removed the lid and sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese, replaced lid and shook again. Voila! Easy exceptional garlic knots! A definite saver!

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Chef Lolalolacherrycola December 28, 2015

Super easy and really fun to make! Agree with comment below. Recipe wasn't written perfectly but still gave 5 stars for simplicity and flavor. Thanks for sharing.

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jackalope-eye October 13, 2013

These are fantastic! I usually double it, since this recipe is just for the pizza dough of one pizza (my recipe makes two). Recently I tried dough where 1/5th was whole wheat. It changes the texture slightly, but not the taste, so if you're looking to add a little nutrition, there's an option for you. I also put less butter on them, just brushing it onto it prior to the oven, then dipping it once after the oven and immediately adding the parmesan. I find it comes out just about even for all the garlic knots I've got. I like it garlicy, but I think if you don't just leave out the garlic powder of the mix, and use only the fresh garlic. I recommend a homemade marinara to accompany them, just an 8oz tomato sauce, italian seasoning, garlic and onion powder to taste (italian should be most, garlic some, onion little). These really are the best!

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JenniJae5 August 02, 2011

Nice but way too garlicly, I didn't like soaking them in butter, next time I'll use a brush. And my local pizza shops never put parmesan so next time I will omit. Not bad and they reheat nicely.

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moe13a February 13, 2011

These are FANTASTIC!! Super yummy served with spaghetti and salad! Thank you Sarah!

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PearTree December 12, 2009

These are the best knots we ever had!!! Living in NY, we have lots of pizzerias to choose from, and they all offer garlic knots. These win hands down!!!

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jkmcnult August 05, 2009
Garlic Knots