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I liked these,but i prefer my garlic fingers thinner then this,i did follow the recipe exactly as posted,but i think maybe a bit larger pan may have made them a little thinner,otherwise they were excellent.Thanks for the posting Mirjam.

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bubblegirl February 13, 2003

What a great recipe for when you really, really feel like garlic bread but there is no bread in the house and making a loaf of bread will take 3 hours. It was very nice not to have to use a garlic press with this too. Mine is dying so the 'rough chop' instruction was appreciated. I made a couple of changes: I substituted olive oil for the butter in the dough as I loathe cutting in butter although I kept the butter for the actual frying. I was also out of milk so I used 1/3 cup of milk powder in with the flour and added water for the liquid. These both worked well and made little difference to the taste.

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Missy Wombat February 25, 2003

I LOVED these! I always make homemade breadsticks, and used this recipe when I was running short of time last night. These are a wonderful alternative to my breadsticks! Very moist, and the garlic was splendid! My dh did not care for the cheese (he is lactose intolerant and refuses to take the little pills!), so next time I will try it without the cheese topping. Please pass the breathmints!!!

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Susan Lee February 21, 2003

anyone who has ever had garlic fingers knows that they are NOT made with cheddar! The copy-cat site used for this recipe admits they've never tried them. So How would they know how to make them properly?? Well for anyone who cares, they are made with MOZZARELLA and PARMESAN!!!

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chrys June 11, 2003

Wonderful flavor. I made this as an appetizer and it rose to over 2" so was impossible to cut into fingers. I used the 8" square pan as recommended. This would be wonderful as a side dish cut into squares with a hearty stew or other dish. When I make this again as an appetizer I would spread the batter on a cookie sheet so the raw batter would only be 1/4" deep, double the garlic & cheese. Probably only bake for 15-20 min. Don't skimp on the garlic the flavor is wonderful

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Bergy October 19, 2009

I'm sorry, but this really, REALLY didn't work for me. Maybe because I halved the recipe...? I followed the instructions carefully, though. A lot of the garlic burnt, while the bready part was dunchy and undercooked. It's too bad because I was so looking forward to a Pizze Delight-style treat :-(

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White Rose Child March 30, 2007

Great! Just great! used the variation suggested (to add onions) and mmmmm, what else can I say? My only change was that I used olive oil instead of butter (trying to cut down on "hard" fat). And, eeh, Mirj, if BOTH eat it, the kissing part is OK!

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Chef Dudo December 25, 2005

These were great! DH doesn't rave about many things, but he couldn't stop talking about how much he loved these. I subbed shredded parmesan and mozzarella for the cheddar (personal preference), and 3/4 c minced garlic from a jar (cause I'm lazy like that;)). My oven might be a little hot - some of the garlic that wasn't covered by the cheese burnt. Anyway, thanks for a great recipe!

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LA28 April 03, 2005
Garlic Fingers