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These were super easy to make and smelled awesome, but like the other reviewer I thought they lacked a lot of flavor. I used fresh garlic as he/she suggested, but that still didn't really do it. I'm thinking next time I'll probably up the salt to a Tbsp, as I suspect the small amount of salt is the culprit. Oh, and a warning to everyone...Do not let the dough sit in your bread maker! This makes so much dough that it rose out of my two pound pan after one hour and spilled over! Thanks for the great starter Lechef, I'll repost when I try with more salt.

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Three Kids Make Me Crazy January 02, 2009

The breadsticks come out nicely, good texture and etc. I really can't say they're 'packed with flavor', though - they smelled garlicky but I didn't really taste either herb in the eating. I will be playing around a little with increased amounts or maybe addition of some fresh garlic to up the flavor.

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cutlers819 July 06, 2008
Garlic Dill Breadsticks (Bread Machine)