Garlic Cucumber Salad

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Total Time
12 mins
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Also known as 'Suan yi huang gua', literally 'Garlic Cucumber'. I lived in China for over a year and picked up this simple and tasty salad! It traditionally calls for dark vinegar, but I prefer it with white.

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  1. Lay cucumber on a cutting board and place the flat side of a large knife on top. Proceed to hammer on the knife, smashing the cucumber. Continue this along the whole cucumber. This process allows for better flavour absorption.
  2. Chop cucumber coarsely into half-inch pieces and place in a coupe-shaped bowl (so sauce will cover all pieces and not just the bottom ones) .
  3. Add pressed garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, chicken broth, sesame oil and sugar and stir until mixed. Let stand 5 minutes. Voila! A masterpiece!
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Very tasty! You only get the slightest hint of the chicken broth, although I'm sure the recipe would suffer if you substituted something else. I served it with "Szechuan Noodles with Pork" and it made a lovely contrast to the peanut-butter, gingery taste of that dish.