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I loved these yams. I thought the garlic and thyme contrasted well with the sweetness of the yams and the coconut milk, creating a wonderful complexity of flavor. This is a very nice dish for someone who doesn't enjoy a super sweet yam recipe. I added a bit more coconut milk after reading the reviews here which said the flavor didn't come through, and i thought it had just the right amount of coconut flavor.

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fireborn999 January 10, 2008

I am sorry to say we just didn't enjoy this dish at all. The only thing I could taste in this dish was the garlic, which seemed odd and out of place with a sweet potato. I would have liked some of the coconut milk flavor to come through here. I believe if I make this again, the garlic and thyme will be omitted and the allspice will be increased to 1 tsp.

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Kay D. February 14, 2007

This dish didn't turn out as I expected...which was a strong coconut flavor. I actually didn't taste it at all. The flavors that stood out to me the most were the thyme and garlic. I served it for a dinner party, and about half of the people loved it...and thought it a refreshing change from a sweet yam recipe. The other half, including me, thought it was fine, but preferred either a sweeter or cinnamon flavored dish. I did double the recipe, except for the garlic...I used 6 small cloves rather than 8. I also used ground thyme instead of dried (all I had), light coconut milk and substituted kosher salt for sea salt. This is definitely worth a try if you like sweet potatoes but want a variation from the standard recipes.

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Karen67 January 28, 2007
Garlic Coconut Mashed Yams (Sweet Potatoes)