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This has to be the worst recipe I've ever tried but just had to try it out of curiosity. No words to describe just how bad it was. Don't waste your time.

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carol marsili October 29, 2002

Tasty! I loved having my guests guess the "secret" ingredient.

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Cathleen Colbert December 24, 2003

This is really yummy! It makes a nice chocolate chip cookie with a warm savory note. The garlic does not overpower the cookie, it is a good balance. You do have to be a true garlic though. If you are into garlic ice cream, if you put garlic in your blackberry smoothies, if you think cranberry garlic jam is just the thing to jazz up your chicken sandwich, then this is the cookie for you! (Yes, I do all these things. I share this info to put my review in context.) The 1-star reviewer either isn't really that much of a garlic fan, or they might've skipped the first step of boiling the garlic. Anyone who has ever roasted garlic knows that cooking before chopping mellows garlic out tremendously--roasted garlic can be eaten straight with no burning whatsoever. Because of the mixed reviews I was cautious and only made a half batch to see how they turned out, and they turned out great! I am adding this recipe to my notebook!

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pmcatnip October 10, 2015
Garlic Chocolate Chip Cookies