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So good! I didn't have basil so I used fresh spinach. Awesome! I also cut the olive oil back to 3T. I will make again! Want to try it with the basil.

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Starfrost January 23, 2013

I really enjoyed it. I used and love the new tubes you can find of minced basil, which made this a bigger cinch to put together. The flavors were great, and it was a different way of using quinoa. Thank you for sharing.

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Catfuzz October 16, 2013

We thought this was fantastic! We used this recipe for our first quinoa experience and were pleasently surprised. We used veggie broth instead of chicken and instead of fresh peppers we used slightly thawed frozen stir fry mix. Everything blended well together. Our chicken did leave quite a bit of juice in the pan but we just used a slotted spoon. Thanks for sharing!

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Mrs. Woods April 16, 2013

This is a delicious and super-quick gluten-free meal. Even my kids wanted to try it (ages 2, 9, and 11), and said they liked it (but not like mac & cheese of course). I made it a bit more child-friendly by substituting chicken breast for canned chicken, sweet red & yellow peppers for green, and dried seasonings for fresh. Kids are never too crazy about cooked onions or peppers, although mine do love garlic, and onion powder is easier for them than the texture of cooked onions, so you achieve the flavors without the slime and pungent kick. Cooking the quinoa in a rice cooker frees up your time, too.

The only suggestions I have is that it seems to be missing a little something and also needs more sauciness for the dryish quinoa. I threw in some baby lima beans and that seemed to help, even if it was still kind of dry.

In spite of that, it tasted scrumptious, was filling, there were no leftovers, and my husband said he liked it, too.

BTW, quinoa is perfect for sneaking in some nutritious hulled hemp seed if you are after a protein boost. I added in a tablespoon to this recipe and no one was the wiser. You can find this powerhouse seed online, through amazon, at your local food coop, or at a health food store.

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going-gf January 29, 2013

Rock on! This is a great, fast and easy recipe. Thanks a ton.

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Hart in Portland September 01, 2009
Garlic Chicken With Quinoa