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Absolutely beautiful! I was cooking the lamb longer so drained the pan juices after about an hour and replenished with water, then before serving thickened in a small pot to make a gravy. The meat was super tender and full of flavour and the gravy was something really special.

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Peter J August 07, 2012

The lamb was very flavorful. We will definitely use this recipe again. It tasted like we marinated it for a while but we just added the seasonings before cooking. We too had the burned mass at the bottom of the pan, so no gravy. We also had to add more stock as it dried out frequently. Either way, it was delicious!

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discriminating tastes... November 27, 2009

We had this last night for dinner and was very flavourable and enjoyed. The left overs I am sure will be great sandwiches for lunch today. As we like our lamb well done (1.6K took just over 2 hours) we did not end up with any juice to pour over so I will do what I normally do in future and that is to put the lid on the roasting pan for the first hour and then remove it for the second (I normally put my lamb on a rack and put water in the base, I was looking forward to making a gravy but unfortunately all I had was a black burnt mass on the bottom of the pan - I think the honey did it). Thank you Mischka for a very tender moist piece of lamb that was well done. Made for Edition 2 Make My Recipe - A Game of Tag.

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I'mPat October 27, 2007

This is a great recipe! Easy directions and it made the meat taste scrumptious. I had a different cut of lamb so the cooking time was about an hour(!) more, but I will hold onto this technique and combo of spices. Anther great recipe by Mischka! (by the way, if you are from the U.S., we don't seem to have ground rosemary that I could find at the supermarket...I just used a coffee grinder to get the required consistency!)

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kaurorac October 23, 2007
Garlic and Rosemary Lamb Roast