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YUMBO!! Garlic lovers will love this bread! It's nummy n crunchy on the outside but ever so light and fluffy on in the inside. I had some of the garlic mixture left over this time so next time will reduce this slightly.I made 2 large round loaves but next time will make smaller size loaves and serve them stuffed with tomatoes, prosciutto and mozzarella for lunch! Mmmmm

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Stardustannie May 16, 2006

Good bread. My kids like it....anything they will eat gets and automatic 5* review. They are probably the pickiest eaters you will ever experience. I made the dough in a bread machine. That may have been a mistake, because it was difficult to control how 'wet' the dough would be. I had to add extra flour (if I was doing by hand, I would have added the water little bit at t a time, like instructions)..this was the wettest bread dough I think I've ever seen. I also made my parsley/garlic slush in a blender. I was worried about adding enough oil to make it liquidy enough to pour, so I made it more like a paste, and then brushed it on the top of the bread. This seemed to work just fine

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Ms*Bindy September 11, 2005

My bread isn't nearly as pretty as yours! But oh my goodness, it was delicious! I tossed some sun dried tomatoes on top. I loved all the garlic. I loaded the bread machine this morning with ingredients..and it was rising when I got home. All I did was knead it a bit, let it rest...and bake it! Very good Cheryl!! Thank you!

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katie in the UP September 09, 2005

Mmmmmm garlic!!! This bread is magnificent. I barely had a handful of parsley left in the garden, I had perhaps 1/2 cup when it was chopped. I made the bread in a bench mixer, I only needed the initial 1 and 1/3 cups warm water. The dough took about 45 minutes to double in bulk. I did use the three heads of garlic (you're lucky you can't smell my breath at the moment). The paste whizzed up well in the food processor.The resulting garlic/parsley slush flowed into the wells created by my fingertips. The resulting loaves are just heavenly!! I was hoping to have some left for bruschetta - alas it was not to be. Looks like I make more tomorrow :)

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Fairy Nuff August 30, 2005
Garlic and Parsley Hearthbreads