Garlic and Mustard Burgers

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

Mmmmmm.....we love these little beauties. I came across this recipe in a Betty Crocker cookbook long ago and have been making them ever since. The roasted bell peppers on the top make this extra special.


  1. Heat grill.
  2. Mix beef, mustard and garlic.
  3. Shape mixture into patties about 3/ 4 inch thick.
  4. Cover and grill patties 4 to 5 inches from medium heat 13 to 15 minutes, turning once, until no longer pink in center adn juice is clear.
  5. Add buns, cut sides down, for last 4 minutes of grilling or until toasted.
  6. Top burgers with cheese.
  7. Serve burgers on buns with lettuce and bell peppers.
Most Helpful

Yummy! These were great burgers. I was surprised that the mustard didn't jump out at you but blended right in. My family couldn't tell what was in there and I didn't tell them either! They loved 'em. Thanks for sharing this great recipe. I'll be making these again and again.

Realtor by day, Chef by night June 18, 2010