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This recipe was good, but needed some modifications to keep from becoming the "mush" that another reviewer complained about. After seeing that review, I decided to sauté the mushrooms and onions on the stove rather than steaming them, in order to get all their natural juices out. I was careful to only pulse everything in my food processor a couple of times, but it still came out overblended...as another reviewer had suggested, I think I would just blend the mushrooms and onions together and mix the rest of the ingredients in by hand next time. I formed the patties by tightly packing them one at a time into the bottom of a round, well-oiled container before popping them out to cook in the pan...they were pretty flimsy and squishy at this point, but seemed to firm up a bit in the oven, so I think I'll try baking before frying next time, or skip the pan frying altogether. <br/><br/>There's a lot of finicky steps to prepare each ingredient, but the end product was worth it! I really enjoyed it, but then I LOVE Gardenburgers...I got my meat-loving boyfriend to try one, too, and was surprised when he liked it and has since requested it again! These freeze pretty well, so I think next time I would double the recipe to avoid having to make this again and again. They reheated well in the microwave, so they'd be handy to have stashed in the freezer for a quick snack/meal.

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justginster June 07, 2014

This recipe was a disaster. They were complete mush and wouldn't hold together at all. The flavour was nice but that is the ONLY redeeming quality. A complete waste of money on the ingredients as everything went in the bin, and a complete waste of a couple of hours of my life (20 minutes prep? I don't think so). The WORST veggie burger recipe I've ever made.

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shari July 13, 2007

I saw this on TSR and then this version over here, so I had to try it! It is very tasty, though a bit time-consuming. I substituted half portabello mushrooms, and used edam cheese instead of mozzarella and it was very good. My only problem was that I don't have a food processor so I used a blender and it came out too well-blended! Next time I will do the mushrooms only in the blender, and mix the grains/rice/cheese/ in by hand for a coarser texture. Thanks for posting!

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lortle September 01, 2005
Gardenburger Original Veggie Patty (Copycat)