Garden Veggies and Beef Salad

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 30 mins

Betty is where this recipe can be found. Hamburger Helper is used in this salad for a quick and easy family dinner.

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  1. In a large skillet brown ground beef, stirring occasionally. When browned, add hot water, uncooked pasta, sauce mix and garlic and bring to boil.
  2. Reduce heat, cover skillet and simmer 10 minutes. Uncover and simmer 5 minutes longer stirring occasionally. Let cool 5 minutes.
  3. Add remaining ingredients and beef mixture to large bowl. Toss and serve immediately.
Most Helpful

This is a comfort dish *PLUS* I had this for lunch today, and this salad included everything I *love* in the world. I had tomatoes, (big ones) from the garden along with fall lettuce, bell pepper and onion. I had already made the Beef Pasta over the weekend, so I just heated that up in the microwave. Added all the wonderful ingredients and wanted to eat more then my fair share. I added red pepper flakes to the top and and chowed down. Thanks Lori, absolutely amazing.

Andi of Longmeadow Farm October 16, 2007

This was a different idea for a salad. It was very fresh tasting, even being made with Hamburger Helper. I would have never thought to combine that with a salad in one dish. This was very tasty. The only thing I didn't do was halve my cherry tomatoes. Thank you for the different and very tasty recipe for dinner! :)

VickyJ May 26, 2006

This was really good! I've always liked hamburger helper, and this was a nice variation. I added crunched up nacho chips and sliced pickled jalapenos--sort of a taco/pasta salad. The family loved it. Thanks for posting.

Pokey in San Antonio, TX May 10, 2006