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I doubled the recipe to make one each for the DM and I and anything that has heaps of vegies (I used more zucchini and mushrooms than was called for) and she is declaring yummy has got to be 5 stars. Thank you TheGrumpyChef, made for Healthy Choices.

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I'mPat April 23, 2010

This was fun to make and I really appreciated the healthiness of this recipe! I tripled the recipe and made three pita's for dinner tonight - me and my DH split them. I used a medium portabella cap, a full zucchini, 2% mozz cheese and regular parm cheese (couldn't find the lower fat versions of the cheeses). I also used pizza sauce in place of the tomato sauce, didn't mean to but grabbed the wrong can; I should have omitted the garlic and oregano but left them in. Even so, DH said it 'tasted plain.' I used much less basil than called for and felt that it was a little overpowering... I had a hard time noticing the mushrooms and zucchini. I baked for 10 minutes but the cheese didn't turn brown, so I broiled them for about a minute until the cheese was golden and bubbly. Made for My 3-Chefs 2008.

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Brooke the Cook in WI June 03, 2008
Garden Pita Pizza