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Because of everyone else's reviews, I followed the usual method for preparing a yeast biscuit and let the mixture raise in the bowl for about an hour after combining all the ingredients. After I kneaded and cut them, I let them raise for another 45 minutes to an hour on the cookie sheet before baking them. I think this helped them be a lighter biscuit. I only kneaded them about a minute. I couldn't imagine ending up with a tender biscuit if I kneaded them for 6-8 minutes! The store was completely out of buttermilk...all brands! What there a recall or something??? So I made soured milk with vinegar and milk. I also used onion chives in place of the onions since I had those growing in my garden. Everyone really liked them a lot. Of course, you should have seen their faces when I told them the orange stuff was carrots. They all thought it was cheese!! The recipe has great potential, but I definitely think the method for preparing them needs to be adjusted so that the results are light and fluffy.

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Marg (CaymanDesigns) August 09, 2007

This is my recipe. I submitted them To TOH and was surprised when I received a letter in the mail stating that the recipe had been accepted and will be published in the TOH magazine and 2007 TOH Cookbook. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.

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JustaQT October 18, 2007

A very tasty biscuit indeed - they are quite time consuming, but I can assure you that they are well worth the effort! I found that I needed a lot extra flour, as the mixture was too sticky to knead and the buttermilk should be JUST warm and not 110 degrees as stated - it will kill the yeast! The buttermilk WILL separate on being heated, this makes NO difference to the final result! I also found that as they are yeast raised, you cannot add too much salt - it kills the yeast - so the seasoning was just a wee bit bland for our tastes......I would suggest the addition of black pepper or cayenne pepper next time to "rev" the seasoning up a bit! We all loved the addition of all the vegetables and herbs - a tasty biscuit, we ate these with some soup for a VERY hearty lunch! I wish I could speak with Amy about how much I enjoyed making these......made for a special tag contest with photos. FT:-)

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French Tart August 17, 2007

Lovely biscuits with a kicked up flavor with the spices and veggies. I also let mine rise for about an hour before baking and they were lovely, tall, and fluffy. Instead of Parsley I used Italian seasoning and that gave them a nice flavor with the carrots and onions. I think I do will add cracked pepper next time and maybe experiment with some other flavors like cayenne for even more. I too wish I could tell Amy what a nice recipe this is and thank her for posting.

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Bonnie G #2 February 02, 2013

Very good biscuits. Love the addtion of the carrots and green onions. I used cake flour instead of all purpose. Also used butter flavored shortening that was cold. Ive made these serveral times now and enjoy them alot. Cant wait until fall and have them again with a big bowl of chicken noodle soup.

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Calee September 10, 2007

These are AMAZING!!!!!!! I use the food processor to shred the carrots, parsley, and green onions! Worked awesome!!!!! Have made them several times already!

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Nurnal August 21, 2007

First of all, I'm sorry I waited so long to review this recipe that I made on 8/13/08.And also as some of the other Chefs stated,I had trouble with them rising.But whether they rose or not,the taste was rather enjoyable.I think these would be great filled with some ham and a little dijon mustard.

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Chef shapeweaver � August 20, 2007

i love the garden concept. but as written these just aren't fluffy biscuits. i tried 2 batches to make sure. this modification DID make for fluffier biscuits (still not a huge rise, but better). add the yeast and the sugar in with the buttermilk after heating the buttermilk. allow this mixture to rest about 5 minutes (sponge). after kneading the dough, form into a ball and let rest/rise for an hour. at that point i refrigerated and then finished later. the rise time made a difference. (i tested the batch with and without resting).

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gourmetmomma August 06, 2007

I agree completely with the prior reviewer. For the yeast and baking powder these don't rise much. On the other hand the yeast did give a marvelous light texture that is most enjoyable. The dough does seem to markedly lack salt but once baked I honestly I find it just right for me. The carrot and green onion are a lovely addition and I'm thinking how good these would be with a stew or soup.

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Annacia August 05, 2007

Very nice crumb. They didn't rise as much as I had hoped, even though there's yeast in them. They could also use a tad bit more salt. Nice biscuit nevertheless. :)

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Lori Mama August 04, 2007
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