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Easy as opening a can of soup. It really is. So delicious and soothing, almost- the flavors are hearty and turmeric is so healing. It's a good option for a work lunch- travels well. I used ground cloves and light coco milk. Awesome stuff. Thanks!

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MrsMM February 27, 2008

Great recipe. My 5 year old was not impressed but my 2 year old and 1 year old enjoyed it as did my husband. I didn't have any turmeric on hand so I used a teaspoon of dry mustard instead and added a tablespoon of sugar. Will definately be making this recipe again. Very very good.

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connie.m.watson September 08, 2009

Very creamy and interesting blend of flavors. Makes a nice change from our usual fare. My 2-year-old inhaled it! Very quick and easy recipe. Even hubby who does NOT like foods with funny spices in them went back for seconds and thirds!

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Anglo Mama in Israel July 22, 2007

OMG!!!! This is IT! This is Indian food that even my hubby (who does not do spicy) can eat without trepidation. My two year old DEMANDED her own bowl and didn't get down from the table until it was fingerlicking clean! And that is WAY out of character for her. Okay. So I had a favorite Indian restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they would make me this special dish called a fish vindaloo. Wasn't even on their menu. This "gravy" reminded me of that vindaloo. I like that this is vegan, for those kosher cookers this can be eaten at either a dairy or a meat meal. And it is a good base to play with. I always wondered "how they did that". THe vindaloo that I used to eat was often cooked with pieces of whitefish and potatoes and MORE gravy (so next time I will double the amount of liquid and the seasonings and just add chunks of potato and maybe some steamed fish). This is a WOW WOW WOW YOWZER WOW dish all the way. I have reviewed a LOT of recipes, but this one may have been one of my favorites to date. Delicious. Nutricious. Screaming of India (I don't know Tanzinian cuisine) but not too spicy. Serve over brown rice or with Naan (recipes for this bread can be found on the Zaar, though I've never made it myself, but hear it is relatively easy to make). Wonderful. Thank you!!!

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Food Snob in Israel June 09, 2007

This is delicious! I used "lite" coconut milk (a holdover from my ex, who was horrified by the fat content of regular coconut milk), so I let it cook down a good bit. Topped it with a little cilatro and BAM! Deliciousness!

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Cluich May 09, 2013

Has the flavors of exotic cooking without the complicating extra cooking steps or visits to exotic stores to buy a few ingredients you'll never use anyway. Very creamy and my kids enjoyed as well.

Added a bit of salt to taste and it was perfect. Was a very quick meal to make. I used canned diced tomatoes in another recipe I made at the same time, so threw in a small handful instead of using the 1 fresh tomato in this recipe. I also added in a can of yams, drained and it gave the recipe a wonderful additional flavor without adding more cooking time or stress. I loved this and will add this to my repetoire...

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elainsky November 25, 2012

I didn't have any tomatoes on hand so I used a small jar of artichoke hearts. Delicious! Hubby and I both loved it. Simple and easy but yummy comfort food. The flavour is mild but tasty.

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lunabelle November 01, 2012

I tried this tonight for dinner and both and husband and I found it to be a bit bland and boring. I think curry in place of the turmeric (which is in curry) would be better. If I make this again, I'll use curry. The recipe was easy to make and the directions clear and simple.

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Phat & Sassy October 30, 2010

Such an easy and flavorful dish! I will definitely make this again. As a main dish with rice, I only got about 2-3 good sized servings, but it would be very easy to just double this for more.

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Maggie, Cooking November 22, 2008
Garbanzos in Coconut Milk