Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

I know that garam masala recipe often vary family to family and region to region. I couldn't say where this one is specifically from but it comes courtesy of the fabulous Madhur Jaffrey, her World of the East Vegetarian Cooking book. This is quite heavy in cardamom, so if that's not a flavour you enjoy, this might not be the mix for you. Note that when it says cardamom seeds, that doesn't mean the pods, it means the seeds inside.


  1. Place all the ingredients in the container of an electric coffee grinder and grind until even and powdery.
Most Helpful

You can't go wrong with this, especially when using in one of Jaffrey's recipes. But also any recipe that requires garam masala, unless you have your own favourite. Green cardamom suits me just fine. I would suggest a seperate coffee grinder than the one you use for your beans, as the spices are quite aromatic and may mess with your next few brews. Failing that, get a dedicated spice grinder, or do like I did and use a quality mortar & pestal and some elbow grease. Extra time required, totally worth it.

Iggy C. May 13, 2016

This garam masala is great. But dont forget to brown the dry herbs in a pan, cool then grind in a coffee grinder - try not to set to too high as the grinding action could burn the spices.

asymetrix November 14, 2013

This garam masala was easy to mix together, and tastes wonderful. I'm not sure about cinnamon bark, so I used a whole cinnamon stick. Otherwise, I followed the recipe as posted. Thanks for sharing!

breezermom May 30, 2010