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Great flavor! I used 70% cocoa dark chocolate for the shell and semi-sweet Baker's chocolate and Baileys for the center. I used silicone heart shaped ice cube trays which were a challenge for an impatient novice like me. I need to make the shell thicker next time so they won't crack or break apart. Thanks for posting!

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LovesCookingHatesDishwashing February 16, 2010

These were my first attempt at making molded chocolates, and they turned out perfect! I used amaretto rather than rum, but I'll be making both in the days to come.... in fact, I'm making them for x-mas gifts... if I can refrain from eating them all.

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VelcrowMistress December 21, 2009

DD15, who posts on Zaar as MandyLovesPandys, mostly made these and it was a delight and an adventure. She used Wilton candy molds, which worked, and mini muffin tins, which didn't work quite so well. The filling is delicious and the slight accent of alcohol brings the chocolate flavor up to where it can do some good. Made for PRMR, Dec. 08.

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Lavender Lynn January 02, 2009

Saw this at your demo and been wanting to try these. We used to make plain chocolates in specific candy molds, but yours is much better and easier! The idea of using silicone ice cube molds and your ganache filling's fabulous! So many options :) I used silicone molds and the madeleine mold for this and for the filling, I used rum. It's like having expensive fancy chocolates without having to pay much for it. And quick to make too! I zipped them in the microwave mostly when melting :D Thank you for this keeper, kiwidutch! I'll be using this recipe again and again. :D

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Pneuma December 23, 2008

If Cuistot can give these as gift, more power to her. I'm keeping these pieces of heaven home with us! :) This is simpler than one might expect to make. I used milk chocolate morsels for all the chocolate. I added the heavy cream and Bailey's as directed, but left out the optional flavorings. We love Lundt chocolate truffles, and these are very similar as they are sinfully wondrous and way too addictive! Thanks for sharing the recipe kiwi, we are forever grateful.

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2Bleu November 22, 2008

How EASY!! I put this off and put this off thinking it was going to be sooo hard! Not in the least!!! Yes filling the molds is a little time consuming, especially when you only have a couple of molds and you have to do it in shifts. The actual recipe is super simple and tastes fantastic!! I used dark chocolate and mint extract for the ganache which worked wonderfully. I put my ganache in white chocolate, which I don't think is as good as dark or milk would be, but I wanted these to have a specific look. The Ganache is great over ice cream as well and I think it would be delicious in coffee. I'm sure I'll be makeing these again around Christmas time to give out as gifts. Oh they'd be great in a box of cookies and fudge!

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Cuistot June 27, 2008
Ganache, Soft Filling for Chocolates Etc...