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After having Swedish Pancakes at IKEA yesterday I was craving them this morning so I went on a hunt for a recipe. Yours was the 5th one I found and it had 5 stars unlike others so I went for it. I am glad I did! Your Gammas recipe is awesome. My whole family loves them, even my boyfriend who doesn't care much for pancakes. I put Ligonberry jam on top, next time I'll try strawberries and chocolate sauce. I posted a photo so you can see how yummy they look. I will be making these again and again. Thank you for sharing!

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bigmamakaboose_5428405 August 03, 2014

These were the best I've made & I've tried many recipes. I do suggest bringing milk to room temperature (I warm in the microwave) so the butter doesn't curdle back up from the cold milk. We filled with strawberries that had been sliced and sprinkled with a bit of sugar to make a juice, and real maple syrup. <br/><br/>We also like them a little thicker so I did a slightly heaping cup of flour.<br/><br/>Thanks for the recipe, it is a forever keeper!!

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Darcy's Diner August 11, 2013

These were wonderful. I had a problem with the batter...it was very lumpy and the first pancake turned out weird...so I dumped the bowl into my food processor and gave it a whirl. Perfect smooth batter and the rest of the pancakes turned out great. We tried these stuffed with a sweetened cream cheese mixture like crepes, but I liked them better with just some sugared strawberries and sour cream topping.

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appleydapply March 21, 2009

We love these! DH can't stand traditional pancakes - too heavy for him, so I've learned to make these little gems. I even make them on weekdays! I love making blintzes with them with sour cream, ricotta or cottage cheese and any fruit or flavored syrup I can get my hands on.

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Recipe Junkie January 30, 2009

These made a nice Sunday breakfast. No special ingrients necessary. Mine were very thin, just like crepes and they filled the entire bottom of the skillet and I tilted the pan around to get the batter to spread. I served them with my banana crepe filling- YUM!

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cookiedog January 05, 2009

These were extra special this morning for breakfast!!! I made and topped with my recipe for Spicy Blueberry Sauce, and they were so delicious. Of course you know I ate more than I should, but couldn't help myself. They taste just like the Swedish pancakes that my grandmother used to make for me when I was growing up and went to her house. Of course it's always nice to have a great recipe that is part of my Swedish heritage :) Thanks for sharing this winner with us Jess! Made for Zaar Stars 12/08 Linda

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Linda's Busy Kitchen December 16, 2008

GREAT TASTING ROLL-UPS & so easy to make! I stuffed mine with a generous stripe of cream cheese topped with a thick cranberry sauce I'd made, then rolled them up & added just a tiny drizzle of a homemade orange sauce! An ABSOLUTELY GREAT KEEPER of a recipe ~ Thanks for sharing it! [Tagged, made & reviewed just for the 'HALIBUT!']

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Sydney Mike December 02, 2008

These are very tasty pancakes Jess. The thin little beautys were wonderful. I layered them with a thin layer of apricot jam, then some whipped cream and a few loose raspberries, rolled them up and drizzled some melted apricot jam over the top for garnish. They were soooo good. Thanks so much for sharing your grandma's recipe.

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Baby Kato October 30, 2008

My grandma also made these for me when I was little; I searched through the recipes and this one was the closest to what I remember--nearly exact! The recipe made perfect thin pancakes--my mom couldn't stop eating them. We always just sprinkled a little sugar on the inside and rolled them up--I will have to try the fruit topping sometime. Thanks for the recipe! --S

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StephanieMN December 15, 2007

My grandmother was from Sweden (I really miss her) and she used to make me these when I was a little girl! These really brought back memories, wonderful memories! The only time I ever had fresh lingonberries was the year I was seven and we lived in Norway and we drove all the way to Goteborg, Sweden to visit my grandmother's relatives. We have lingonberries with everything! Strawberries are out of season here now, so I served these up with apples sauteed in butter and drizzled with honey and cinnamon. They were a perfect dessert for our Rosh Hashana new year celebration. Thanks so much from bringing back warm and fuzzy memories of my Grandma!

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Mirj September 15, 2007
Gamma's Swedish Pancakes