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Excellent side for a latin inspired stir fry I made tonight. The only things I did differently was to add a bit of stock with the rice because my rice was a tad dry, the juice of half a lime and salt and pepper to taste.

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kitchenslave03 May 16, 2010

Hello! I'm from Costa Rica!! The recipe is just fine, just the way we make it here! To add an extra touch you can use also chopped red bell pepper. We usually eat this for breakfast as it is a very filling dish. The best gallo pinto is made with left over beans, not freshly made ones. An other important observation; we don't exactly use worcetershire, we use a local version of it called salsa Lizano, a very traditional sauce, made by a local family, which resembles worcestershire, you can find it in the internet on costarican sites. It's great with sourcream or scrambled eggs.

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TatiLu June 25, 2007

This was very delicious. I thought the W sauce might be overpowering but I used 3 tablespoons and the flavours blended wonderfully! I used one can of black beans and the ratio of beans to rice was great!

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trishypie March 08, 2010

I love Gallo Pinto, after having spent a summer in Costa Rica. This recipe is good, but heed the advice of some of the Costa Ricans below and try to find some Salsa Lizano, add sour cream and even bacon if you aren't going vegetarian. I also think making sure your rice is quite firm helps, too (I used day old rice in mine). Thanks for the recipe!

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ksparker January 24, 2010

This recipe is super yummy! I needed something to make for Lent, so I started experimenting with different bean recipes. Gallo Pinto is now part of my regular menu! We love it made with red peppers as other reviews suggested, as well as topped with sour cream, cilantro, green onions, and sometimes also my homemade Pico De Gallo. I've made this both by cooking the beans from scratch, or also just using two 14.5 oz cans of beans. Turns out yummy either way! I usually serve it with a side salad.

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allysonenglert March 03, 2013

This is a delicious rice recipe find. I halved the recipe, added minced fresh jalapeno, and about a 1/4 C. chopped bell pepper. I loved the bright flavor from the coriander. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'll be making it again.

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Lucky in Bayview January 20, 2013

This was so much better than I even expected! I followed the recipe almost exactly - I did add some extra black beans and used a large onion rather than a medium onion. For those who think it needs something extra - perhaps a pinch of red pepper flakes would help..? Just a thought. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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Atiekay November 08, 2009

We just returned from Costa Rica and my husband loved this dish. I'll start by saying the flavor profile was great, but my rice turned out a little gummy...operator error. I sauted a little onion, red pepper, jalapeño, and garlic in a small amount of oil. Then added my spices and worcestershire. I made a mistake and added by rice and chicken broth to this mix to cook. The recipe calls for cooked rice and this would have helped it stay fluffy, not gummy. The flavor was awesome, but the texture was not the same as in CR. Would definitely make again.

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Slough14 April 24, 2016

I'm giving this 5 stars with minor reservations. We just got back from a week in Costa Rica and a month prior researching, heavily, not for recipes/food but for things to do/see. Once we had been to a couple of restaurants, we found that the FOOD... OH THE FOOD! This "painted rooster" thing I'll go along with but NONE of the Gallo Pinto in Manuel Antonio looked anything like this one. The pico de gallo MIGHT be served on the side, but never on top of. Why? I dunno, it's just the way we had it and we had it 10-12 times at least (my wife is addicted to the stuff). IMPORTANT: OMIT the Worcestershire sauce and use the real deal Salsa Lizano (which I readily found in a latin market, btw, MOST Asian markets carry it too-look... there's usually a "latin section" for their Filipino clients). IF YOU HAVE TO use Worcestershire (I'm strongly recommending you don't... DO NOT use 2-3 TBS as you will kill every subtly in this dish. MAYBE 1 tsp for this much. When using Worcestershire sauce in ANY dish, if you can taste it, you used too much! THANK you for NOT telling folks to throw in cilantro. My wife isn't "allergic" but if you want to make her sick... add cilantro. Same reflex BTW as 30% of the US population.

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Todd L McCagg April 15, 2016

This is nice. The flavor is a little different from what I am used to. It had a little spice and a little smokiness. I imagine it would be a nice full meal if you added some shredded chicken or pork or something. I think I'll stick with my standard cuban black beans but this is a nice way to mix it up sometimes. Thanks for the great recipe Kizmic Blues...

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jennyblender June 18, 2014
Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Rice and Beans)