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this recipe seems to have way too much flour! Was it printed wrong? 5 kg flour? I did the math and did a smaller version of the recipe and sure enough it was more like a paste rather than a crepe consistency. Can anyone confirm what the correct ingredient amounts are?

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jennynelson August 21, 2012

outstanding. i made the recipe for 6 but it made 11 (after i messed up three). i just threw everything in my blender and they turned out great. i have a 10 inch crepe pan it took about 1/4-1/2 cup per crepe. i also had to add a lot of water after refrigerating. also i didn't understand why that step was necessary so if someone could enlighten me. i am not a big crepe fan but wanted some buckwheat. they are usually too eggy. i topped them with yogurt, feta, arugula, and tomato. i am going to do this again but i will add some lemon juice and teff flour to make mock injera bread (as opposed to it taking me all night fermenting it). thanks again.

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snickels September 09, 2007

Could I have loved this anymore I wonder? That would certainly be a no. I love buckwheat, and I loved this crepe recipe. The instructions seemed a little daunting at first, I'll admit, but the details are now so much appreciated as well as the tips (beer) and filling notes. This is a very well presented recipe with noticeable care. It did take me 3 crepes in, to finally get the thinness that made for a perfect crepe, I found I needed to thin out the batter quite a bit after removing it from the fridge, which worked fine in regards to taste. The filling... was so wonderful, I especially loved the runny egg yoke. Thank you for my new favorite brunch.

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kelly in TO August 11, 2007
Galette De Bretagne (Buckwheat Crepes from Brittany, France)