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This is the greatest cookie I have ever tasted

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Beaver October 30, 2002

I make these every year . Some I put a maraschino cherry in the middle with a glaze on it after cooling, some I add maple flavoring instead and form them around a walnut half. Maple glaze on the top. They are a staple at xmas here.

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Lise S. December 18, 2014

Thank you so much for posting this recipe. We used to make these with my mom all the time. Unfortunately the page is ripped in half in her old Betty Crocker. Now I have the replacement. Can't wait to make these with my kids.

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shellysoif December 14, 2014

So I am giving this a four star rating. I am so mixed about this recipe. The recipe is easy and simple - HOWEVER, when I first made them the dough didn't come together. So I added liquid in and needed to add more. Finally, I was able to get the dough together. I stuck them in the oven, hoping for the bonbon apperance. Well, the looked a little like flat bonbons. I was a bit disappointed, but the cookies tasted good. I stuck a chocolate kiss inside for a kindergarten class "holiday" party. Hubby had one right before I took them over to the class. They are super easy to decorate. I did another batch for Christmas cookies for my neighbors and friends. Again, the dough just didn't want to work with me. It was VERY dry. Well, I thought I could stick them in the fridge for 1/2 hour or so to get them more "bonbon" look-a-like. That seemed to work WAY better. I left them out for a few hours after baking and they were hard. Now, I'm not sure why they got so hard after only a few hours, but I am trying to soften them up a little by sticking them in a bag with a piece of bread, which should work. Overall, I would use these cookies again after making a few changes. I usually don't write this detailed about a recipe, but I want others to know what worked and what didn't in this case. BTW, I love the photo by Detailedbeauty - awesome decorating! Merry Christmas!

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Smilyn December 23, 2009

Hey hey! I was JUST about to list this recipe and I found it....lol oops oh well. I've got a pic for it! Everyone...these cookies are the BOMB! Without the icing they are quite dull, but somehow you decorate them and they taste AWESOME. Just the right mix of sweet and smooth....my favorite is DEFINATELY the marachino cherry in the middle. However I've thought of maybe putting in some chocolate truffle and see if that works. These are GREAT for kids parties...especially boys! Enjoy! Rebecca

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Detailedbeauty February 17, 2007

These have been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. I prefer them with the marachino cherries but my kids like them with candy kisses. I tint the cherry portion with pink frosting and the cherry ones with green so someone isn't biting into one they don't want.

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Cheesehead March 19, 2006
Galaxy Cookies