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Wow, this was a great sloppy joe! I particularly loved the red pepper and sun-dried tomatoes. I didn't change a single thing (that almost never happens, lol), except I let it simmer too long and it was a bit less juicy than I prefer. I served it over whole wheat hamburger buns. My BF really loves sloppy joes and he was very happy with the way these turned out. I did serve extra hot sauce on the side. Will have to make these again for him.

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Kumquat the Cat's friend August 06, 2008

YUM yum yum! Great stuff! This makes a delicious sandwich, topping for tortilla chips, omelet filling, and on and on. It's a little salty as is, so you might want to omit the little bit of salt in the recipe and adjust to taste later. Very tasty and versatile - I will definitely make this again!

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groovyrooby April 23, 2007

I love retakes on classics and this one acheived just the right balance between the tastes and flavors you fondly remember from chilhood and the more sophisticated flavors you like as an adult. To keep a little more texture in the dish, I used canned petite diced tomatoes in place of crushed. Also in the final seasoning, I added another teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and a dash of Wostershire sauce. Served this on toasted English muffins (as tht was what I had on hand) and slices of smoked provolone soy cheese. Tomorrow, I'm planning to add in some bulgar and more soy cheese and stuff some poblanos.

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justcallmetoni October 21, 2006
G.i. Joes